Live Explorations

Ambient, downtempo, organic deep house + electronica sets tuned to 432Hz and woven with healing frequencies. All ambient + downtempo sets are unique, fully improvised + composed in the moment drawing from the energy of the live space and beings that are present.

Studio DRIFT x Burning Man 2023 

Music w/ The Human Experience

Studio DRIFT x Burning Man 2022

Music w/ The Human Experience

Wellness Art Installations

Spaces of rest + vibrational realignment for festival-goers.

The visuals are generated by using design animation pulling from color scapes in alignment with energy centers of the body, applying motion through layers that align with visual frequencies of a theta brainwave state (the optimal state for meditation + healing) and methods used in EMDR therapy to evoke brain hemisphere balancing. 

The music is composed using resonances that are in mathematical + geometric alignment with patterns in nature, the body, and the brain. Playback occurs in spatial surround sound—immersing listeners from all sides of the physical spectrum to create a vibrational web of harmony for them to rest in. Discover more here.